Oanda is proficient in project management team, project management , project management and international experience in industry practice with academic knowledge certified (PMP) is composed of experts. The continuous development of the Project Management that is an effective tool, our civilization and believes that the solution of problems in many areas of our lives and we are focusing to find solutions with projects.

  Correct information, the right decision , the right force, continuous development and progress : ‘Decided ... be yourself, be strong


The Company manages and sustainable quality and scope of systematic project management skills , time , cost and quality targets in line with innovative , practical, success with the original methods and develop confidence. Training , consulting, project / program / ​​portfolio flesh direction , to provide research and publication project based services to our country and our region to all companies and organizations.


Leader manages the project in our country and our region as a subsidiary company to all project / program / ​​portfolio services , give advice and training . In doing so, the scientific method and to construct corporate project management system using common sense and improve their level of maturity . Our country by increasing the rate of successful project / development efficiency and provide benefits to our nation in the event space.


Oanda is sustainable and provides lasting systemic approaches.

OANDA stakeholder-focused data quality production values.

Oanda is rational and scientific, conflict management and participatory approach minimizes evaluates intellectual ser Mayeu efficiently.

OANDA understands the value of correct information and courage to decide.

OANDA takes care of the development of mental and physical health and family values ​​and always keeps the priority: The basic approach of our employees to improve themselves and the environment.

OANDA services and products with unique benefits / value focused on producing.

OANDA corporate integrity and appreciated at the forefront of the corporate image.

Oanda is seen as part of the economic sustainability of social responsibility.

OANDA efficiency in resource use, rationality / simplicity and gives importance to the concept of efficiency.

OANDA sustainable living environment and compliance / support and act with respect.